Welcome to OHCA Webmail
This is a State of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA), webmail system. This system is provided only for authorized OHCA employees' use. Systems may be monitored to ensure lawful use and for email management, security reviews and testing purposes. Monitoring includes recording, copying, and examination of data. All information, placed on or sent over the OHCA system, may be monitored.

Use of this system, authorized or unauthorized, constitutes consent to monitoring of this system. Employees of OHCA are advised that release of sensitive information, as defined by the State of Oklahoma and OHCA, constitutes a security violation. All security violations must be reported to the Office of Human Resources and disciplinary action will be addressed according to OHCA employee procedures.

Be advised that the unauthorized use of HIPAA protected information or the personal identifying information of Medicaid members or OHCA employees could result in substantial personal liability and/or termination. Evidence of unauthorized use gathered during monitoring may be used for criminal, civil, or disciplinary action.

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